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Pacific Rower Andrew Halsey

In 2000 a first attempt was made to row the Pacific. It ended after he rowed over 6,000 km for 267 days. Eventually his food supply ran out and he was forced to survive on the fish he caught himself along with a few sea birds. He was in the middle of several hurricanes, capsized several times, and was unable to follow the right course so it came to an end when he was rescued off Honolulu, Hawaii.  He gained a reported 20lbs once aboard the rescue vessel Andrew Halsley considers it the biggest disappointment of his life.

It did not take long before he once again wanted to go out to sea - this time he intends to succeed. At a press conference at RGS on September 19th he announced his plans to the world. His boat; Le Shark Brittany Rose, named in part after his daughter with whom he apparently has not spoken to in some time.  The boat has been refurbished and is equipped with a water distiller as a back up to his desalinator, something he did not bring the last time.

Explorersweb in association with Corps Communications will sponsor the tech used on the trip so he will be able to publish daily dispatches on his website along with pictures taken by a digital camera.

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