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World record for going nowhere

By Jonathan Gornall

February 07, 2003

Becalmed: long-distance rower Andrew Halsey with his parents, Barbara and Dennis. He is determined to continue
AT SOME point today Andrew Halsey, the Briton making his second attempt to row solo across the Pacific, will enter the record book for an achievement that would scupper the spirits of most mortals.

Seventy-two days into his journey from Peru to Australia, and in the grip of entirely contrary winds and currents, he finds himself exactly the same distance from Brisbane as when he set out on November 25 — 8,108 miles.

Speaking last night via satellite phone, Halsey, 45, from London, rejected advice to abandon his quest and said that he expected to be at sea in his 25ft boat until July at least. Until yesterday, the previous record for the least distance covered in the most time at sea in a rowing boat was held by fellow Briton Peter Bird.

Although Halsey has covered more than 2,300 miles since setting out from Callao, he was first driven northwest and is now being pushed towards the northeast and the coast of Costa Rica, about 400 miles away.
Halsey, who has epilepsy and has already suffered at least four seizures, maintained his spirits were high and that he had absolutely no intention of giving up the attempt. “Perhaps I’ll make it the longest row in history,” he said.

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