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Interview live

with John Nicolson and Jane Moore
with Andrew Halsey and Kenneth Crutchlow

London February 10th 2003

John Nicolson Q
Andrew Halsey is attempting to cross the Pacific Ocean single handily in a rowing boat at the moment he is rather stuck he has 13000 kilometres to go which is exactly the same number of miles he had to go when he left Peru 72 days ago we are hoping now to cross over live to the middle of the Pacific and speak to Mr Halsey, Mr Halsey can you hear us?

A from Andrew Halsey. Yes I can

Q where are you first of all where are you this morning?

A well, I am at approximately 5 degrees North and 89 west which is approximately 300 miles North of the Galapagos Islands

Q what are weather conditions like?

A they are changing, obviously a disastrous month but right now the last 2 days have been really positive and I ve made close to 180 miles sorry 150 miles South I expect within the next 5 days I will be back on the equator and heading west and on my way.

Q and how are you feeling?

A actually Terrific to be quite honest, tired now because it is the middle of the night here, optimistic I feel strong good frame of mind I am looking forward , I have had a month of being sort of held back it is going to be nice to start hitting some positive weather again and make some good headway I feel real positive.

Q As I said in the introduction there you have still got 13000 kilometres that is about 8000 mikes to row and that's exactly the same number of miles you have got to row as when you set out, in other words your rowing to standstill basically?

A I have actually gone so far west and got pushed North and I have to go round like in a big circle to pick up favourable conditions
again its a bit like getting stuck on the North circular.

Q as bad as that really?

A About 8000 miles I originally expected the trip to be about 9 months right now it is still going to be about 9 months possibly 10 months it looks worse than what it actually is.

Q Well I cant imagine because I have got the map here and I have seen the journey that you are doing it is hard to imagine that it could get any worse than it looks for those of us who get a bit squeamish doing the Hampstead Heath boating pond. Why are you doing this?

A I happen to enjoy it out here I rowed the Atlantic in 1997 I had 9 months on the Pacific in 1999-2000 and I got hit by what I think was the worst weather on record I had 4 hurricanes and several tropic storms this is another bash at it I like being hear. We do a lot with charities and Primary schools around London all in all its a good package I like being here the children like following the story and we raise a lot of money for Epilepsy.

Q Your daughter said its because you want a Knighthood is that true?

A I don't know I don't think my daughter said that actually. I spoke to my daughter yesterday and she said half of that stuff is what this lady had actually told her and she..... well I don't know and has been misquoted. The article you are talking about the lady wrote an article about me or done an interview and it turned out that she already wrote the article before we done the interview and it is just that she wanted a holiday in the Galapagos Islands apparently.

Q I am quoting from a Mail On Sunday article listen stay with us for a second or two because we are also joined here in the studio by Kenneth Crutchlow who is from the Ocean Rowing Society It is an extraordinary journey this man is doing here isn't it?

A From Kenneth Crutchlow
It is.

Q he is apparently a bit low on food and as he has already explained to us he is rowing pretty much to stay still you have been following his journey very closely here what your advice to him?

A Andrew our advice as we have put on this morning is that you go to the Galapagos as did the Seville's. When they rowed the Pacific and you have met them of course, they took on food and carried on, we are advising you to do the same thing because you do not have enough food to get to Australia without some sort of re-supply the easiest thing is for you know to try and get to the Galapagos take a week off re-supply and then carry on that's our advice to you.

Q from John Andrew what do you make of that Andrew?

A I can understand that, but it is not feasible to start off with I am going to be headed close to the Galapagos Islands but once I get close the currents and the prevailing winds will be pushing me West and it would be high risk for me to try and make land there. If I was to make land anywhere it would be the Marquises

Q from Jane Moore Andrew what are surviving on then?

A I have got plenty of food on board if things are going a little over the top with my food situation its not great but it is not bad. I have got enough food here for a good few months there is plenty of fish and sea birds and I don't mind eating those I am not so sure they will be so happy about it but food is not an issue at this present time

Q and we should say you mentioned there that you are trying to raise money for Epileptics and you are epileptic yourself is that correct?

A I am

Q how are you coping with your own epilepsy that must make life difficult if you have seizures?

A yes well I always keep myself harnessed to the boat but the good thing is my seizure level actually decreases when I am at sea by well over 50 per cent so I have way few seizures at sea than I do when I am on land

Q well listen you are a very brave man thank you very much indeed for joining us Andrew Halsey in the middle of the Pacific and you Mr Kenneth Crutchlow thank you very much for coming in

A it a pleasure

Jane Moore said "its four minutes to seven"

end of interview