The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


Pacific oardeal

Essex rower faces new storm (May 07 2003)

Rower fears pirates stole his abandoned 25ft boat (May 02 2003)

Rower vows to try Pacific again (April 12, 2003)

Epileptic man vows to row again (April 11 2003)

Man paddles 2,300 miles but gets nowhere! (April 8th 2003)

Group pulls support for disabled rower (April 5 2003)

Cruel sea defeats epileptic rower (April 5, 2003)

Twice-stranded rower to tackle Pacific again (April 05, 2003)

British rower fails in bid to cross Pacific (April 4 2003)
Lone sailor's Pacific bid fails (April 4 2003)
Oarsman rescue (April 04, 2003)
Solo rower rescued from Pacific (April 04, 2003)
British solo rower rescued from Pacific (April 3 2003)
Solo rower fails second Pacific attempt (April 03 2003)
News of the Weird (March 31, 2003)
Worried friends ask lone oarsman to row his boat ashore (March 07 2003)
Interview live with John Nicolson and Jane Moore with Andrew Halsey and Kenneth Crutchlow (February 10 2003)

The British press sinks to a new low, while British man 
rows to stay on top
(Feb 11, 2003)

My father's lying when he says he intends to survive his Pacific hell so we can be reunited (February 09 2003)

Pacific rower cheerful despite slow progress (February 08 2003)

Andy on row to nowhere (February 08 2003)

World record for going nowhere (February 07 2003)

Rower going nowhere breaks world record (February 07 2003)

Because we can (February 06 2003)

Fears for solo rower 'stuck' in Pacific (January 28 2003)

Fears for Essex rower (January 28 2003)

Fears for disabled Pacific rower (January 28 2003)
'Do or die' rower told to give up before it's too late (28 Jan 2003)
OCEANO PACIFICO A remi per rivedere la figlia (It)
Maestro del sufrimiento solitario (Es) (28/11/2002)
Epileptic Briton sets off to row the Pacific (13 November) Starting all over again
07 October

Pacific Rower Andrew Halsey

20 September
19 September 2002
19 September 2002
23 August 2002