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'It's unbelievable 'I'm rowing WEST but going EAST!'

Man paddles 2,300 miles but gets nowhere!

...attempting to row across the Pacific Ocean

A HAPLESS adventurer rowed nearly 2,300 miles over the Pacific Ocean without getting any closer to his goal!

Andrew Halsey, 45, set out to paddle 8,100 miles from Callao, Peru, to Brisbane, Australia. The effort was so grueling, the London, England, resident, who is epileptic, suffered numerous seizures as he churned 31 miles a day for 73 days.But in late February, he was STILL 8,108 miles from Brisbane, because winds and currents kept shoving him north and east.

"It's unbelievable - I'm rowing west but going east," reported Halsey via satellite phone.

Halsey is motivated by two missions: To "However, I am still optimistic." raise money for the British Epilepsy Association and to prove to fellow epileptics that they can lead normal lives -or even extraordinary ones.

The determined seaman keeps in touch with his mother Barbara by phone every day. "He's experienced and knows what to do," says the supportive mom. "He's in good spirits."

Fortunately, the tide recently turned in Halsey's favor and, at last report, he had moved about 1,750 miles closer to his goal, after paddling a total of 3,400 miles in more than three months. With luck, he'll soon drop below the equator and catch a westbound current. 

"If I hadn't been rowing," says Halsey, "I'd be on a beach in Puerto Rico by now.

Photos by Renzo Martini