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CHA Tenant Takes to the High Seas

Andrew Halsey has launched his 2nd bid to row solo across the Pacific Ocean, supported by local charity Community Action.

If successful, epilepsy sufferer Mr Halsey – who has already crossed the Atlantic - will become the first disabled rower to complete the journey. His last attempt in 1999 ended unsuccessfully when – having endured several hurricanes and no food - he was rescued near Hawaii after 267 days at sea.

He is supported in his quest by Community Action, the charitable arm of Community Housing Association. The charity is providing sponsorship to Mr Halsey (a CHA tenant) in return for him working with CHA’s Youth and Community Development Project on his return.

Mr Halsey will visit CHA’s Camden Goods Yard estate and work with young people from inner city areas on confidence building, sharing his experiences, and providing training & support to young people interested in the sport.

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