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Disabled rower raring to go on Pacific solo bid
Story filed: 14:04 Thursday 19th September 2002
A man who suffers from epilepsy has announced plans to spend up to nine months alone at sea.

Andrew Halsey says he is to make a second attempt to become the first solo disabled rower to cross the Pacific Ocean non-stop.

Mr Halsey was at the Royal Geographic Society in London to launch the attempt officially and to show off his re-equipped ocean rowboat, the Brittany Rose.

The 44-year-old adventurer, who will face storms and the menace of sharks, was the first disabled person to row the Atlantic in 1997, suffering two epileptic fits during the voyage.

He is also planning to cross the Indian Ocean to complete a solo circumnavigation.

Andrew Halsey plans to row his boat from Peru to Australia this summer.

Launching his Pacific expedition today, Mr Halsey, from Camden, north London, said that compared to the meticulous preparations, the search for sponsorship and the public appearances, the rowing part should be easy.

"After I'd done the Atlantic it's just become addictive," he said.

"It's pleasant ... and I don't get no bills out of it either."

The former bricklayer has found himself unemployable because of his condition and adventuring has become a full-time occupation.