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US Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center Alameda - how it works                      

10 April 2050Z United States Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) Alameda, I arrived at the Coast Guard facility that coordinated the rescue of Andrew Halsey and was met by CDR Michael R. Hicks and LTJG Mark B. Pototschnik. I thanked them both for their services offered during the rescue of Andrew Halsey. They confirmed that Andrew Halsey was in Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) Alameda’s Search and Rescue Region.

At 1207Z on 2 April, RCC Alameda received a 406MHz distress alert detected by the COSPAS/SARSAT system Both RCC Alameda and RCC Falmouth were alerted when Mr. Halsey’s 406MHz EPIRB had been activated. RCC Alameda’s Search and Rescue controllers diverted the United States Coast Guard Cutter MUNRO (approximately 500nm away) and launched a United States Coast Guard C-130 from a location in Central America. RCC Alameda also diverted an Amver vessel approximately 300nm away to assist. The Amver system is a database comprised of voyage information of merchant vessels that can be used by RCC controllers for Search and Rescue purposes only. Participation in the Amver system is voluntary. The fishing vessel TARZAN 16 that first picked up Mr. Halsey is not a participant in the Amver system and only located him after Mr. Halsey launched a flare.

RCC Alameda stressed the importance of carrying a 406MHz EPIRB at all times during any type of voyage and stated that Mr. Halsey’s successful rescue was directly related to him having this EPIRB as well as the CLS Argos beacon.

The COSPAS/SARSAT system is a system of satellites that detect distress alerts on 121.5MHz and 406MHz. Once the signal is detected it is relayed to a ground station and then to the appropriate Mission Control Center. The Mission Control Center then forwards the alert to the appropriate Rescue Coordination Center to coordinate the rescue. For more information on the COSPAS/SARSAT system: www.sarsat.noaa.gov

*  By coincidence on April 9th Andrew was scheduled on the same plane from Guatemala City to Los Angeles as Kenneth. In
    friendly manner Andrew approached Kenneth and explained, that he had expected that there were going to be several Press
    people on board the US CGC Munro, and following the advice of his brother Nick he should not speak to anyone at that time.

    For those who would like to see Andrew: he accepted invitation to be present at the Black-Tie dinner on May 16th and said he
    was looking forward to it.

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Monday. April 07, 2003


To Whom It May Concern:

I hereby authorise Kenneth F. Crutchlow of the Ocean Rowing Society to collect from Andrew Halsey on his arrival in Guatemala on April 8TH , any & all goods sponsored by "Le Shark Ltd" that were aboard the "Le Shark Brittany Rose".

This includes but not limited to:

  • 1 x Iridium telephone
  • 1 x hand held Palm computer
  • 3 x Argos satellite tracking beacons

The primary reason for this decision is because of interference on several different occasions with the transmission of beacons that were on board the "Le Shark Brittany Rose". These were specifically on board not only for the safety of Mr Halsey but also that his progress could be monitored on the ORS website also sponsored by "Le Shark Ltd".

I also confirm that as of today Le Shark withdraws its sponsorship & support from the Andrew Halsey's "Solo Pacific RoW" project and will not be held responsible or liable for any further expenditure incurred as from this date on.

Yours sincerely

Mr Tobi Cohen


April 7th 2003 — Report from Kenneth F. Crutchlow

British Embassy 
Guatemala City 

This morning at 9.00am I met Colin Gracey Second Secretary at the British Embassy here in Guatemala City. Mr. Gracey had arrived at the Port of Quetzal for much the same reason as I did - to see if Andrew needed any assistance in getting off the USCGC Munro and then on to London. 

For his own reasons
* Andrew preferred not to meet me, however I did have a meeting with Captain Robert L. Hurst, who was kind enough to show me the Bridge and around the ship. 

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I explained to Captain Hurst that I thought that Andrew did not want to see me because of statements I have made on ORS website questioning his seamanship. I made these statements only after being told that Andrew had announced he wanted to try for the 3rd time to row the Pacific. 

I felt that for the record I should state to the Captain exactly what I meant: 

1. CLS Service Argos ops room had called me on 3 different occasions to tell me that there had been no transmission for eight hours from Le Shark Brittany Rose, each time Steve Ashby called Andrew on the Sat.phone to confirm he was ok. (There should not be interruption of CLS Argos transmission in normal course of events). 

2. When Caroline Graham of the Mail On Sunday (LA office) had arranged for Brittany Halsey to go to Galapagos Island and rendezvous with Andrew, he decided at the last minute he did NOT want Brittany there alongside him, so he turned off the beacons for 5 days - this had the effect of making a rendezvous impossible. 

3. When beacon 1 (that should have been switched off after 90 days) was allowed to transmit till the battery died, beacon 2 was not activated at all.

Captain Hurst listened to my comments, and passed no comment. 

I told the Captain that ORS does have guidelines for our members to follow, and that in just 2 weeks time we have another of our members, Mick Dawson leaving from Choshi Japan headed for San Francisco; and that as we speak Simon Chalk is rowing the Indian Ocean.

I expressed the thanks of ORS members and trustees to the crew of USCGC Munro for all their help in rescuing Andrew Halsey. It is now my intention to go to the Alameda Naval Air Station California to thank those who directed the C130 from Sacramento responding to the EPIRB activated by Andrew.

U. S. Coast Guard. PRESS RELEASE, April 4, 2003


U. S. Coast Guard


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                               April 4, 2003

Contact: Public Affairs 510-437-3325


Coast Guard, Good Samaritan rescue solo rower 

ALAMEDA, Calif. – The U.S. Coast Guard and the Panamanian fishing vessel Tarzan 16 joined forces Wednesday to rescue Andrew Halsey, 46, a British citizen and solo rower, from the 21-foot rowboat Brittney Rose approximately 812 miles northwest of the Galapagos Islands.

The Coast Guard’s Rescue Coordination Center in Alameda received an emergency positioning indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) signal from the rowboat early Wednesday morning after the Brittney Rose was capsized in rough weather and lost its rudder. Working with Joint Interagency Task Force West, the Coast Guard launched a C-130 airplane from Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento to search for the rowboat. The Coast Guard cutter Munro, homeported in Alameda, was then diverted to assist in the rescue. 

The C-130 arrived on-scene approximately 8 hours later and dropped a VHF radio, a life raft and some food, but was unable to establish communications with Halsey.

Halsey then managed to signal the Tarzan 16 with a flare before the cutter and AMVER vessel could arrive on scene. The fishing vessel recovered Halsey at approximately 11:20 p.m. Wednesday. 

Unable to communicate with the fishing vessel’s Chinese crew because of language differences, Halsey contacted the Munro and arranged to be transferred to the cutter Thursday. 

Halsey was reported to be in good medical condition and will remain on board Munro until its next port of call in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala. 

Halsey reportedly departed, Callao, Peru on Nov. 25, 2002 with the intention of rowing solo to Australia. 


– USCG –


4th April 2003

To: Rescue Coordination Center
Alameda California
From: Kenneth Crutchlow 
Subject: RE: Ocean Rowing 

LT Jennifer Cook
Command Duty Officer
PACAREA/D11 Command Center

I received your message, and we are of course very glad to have confirmation that Mr. Halsey is safe and well on board USCGC MUNRO, I am well aware that the USCG has for the second time used considerable assets to rescue Mr. Halsey.

I take this chance on behalf of our members and trustees to thank the crew of the C130 that first spotted Mr Halsey and the Captain and crew of USCGC MUNRO for their professional and prompt response to Mr. Halsey's call to be rescued.

I can confirm that we at the Ocean Rowing Society will NOT support any further attempts by Mr Halsey in his quest to row the Pacific. 

We are however supporting the efforts of Mr. Mike Dawson another of our members who will shortly be leaving Chosi Japan headed for San Francisco California. Mr Dawson is a former member of Her Majesty's armed forces and served in the Falklands, he has rowed the Atlantic Ocean in the 2001 Ward Evans Atlantic Challenge race.


We will be following Mr. Dawson's progress on our web site, his planned departure, depending on weather is the end of this month. It is my considered opinion that Mr. Dawson's ocean row is well funded and well planed and equipped and he has every expectation of success.

Thank you

Kenneth F. Crutchlow
Executive Director
Ocean Rowing Society

April 4th 2003

From Pacific Area District 11 Comand Center
To Kenneth F. Crutchlow Ocean Rowing Society London


Mr. Andrew Halsey is currently onboard USCGC MUNRO enroute their next port of call in Guatemala. He was initially spotted by a Coast Guard C-130 after activating his 406 EPRIB, then picked up by the F/V TARZAN 16. He was subsequently transferred to MUNRO where he was medically evaluated and safe.

Thank you for your assistance. 

LT Jennifer Cook
Command Duty Officer
PACAREA/D11 Command Center

London April 3rd 2003 18:00 GMT

Andrew Halsey Pacific Ocean Row is over.

USCGC MunroI have just spoken to the Duty officer at Alameda California he said "Andrew Halsey is on board USCG Cutter Munro for evaluation". 

Andrew was first picked up by the fishing ship Tarzan 16 flying the Panamanian flag, he was transferred to the USCG Monro in order that his condition be evaluated. It will latter be announced on which of the 2 ships Andrew will stay on depending on what ship arrives at land soonest.

"The ocean row boat Brittany Rose was cast adrift" according to the duty officer,

Kenneth F. Crutchlow
Executive Director
Ocean Rowing Society

London, April 3rd 2003 13:00GMT 

Letter to US Coast Guard

To Lt. Deisher USCG

Re Le Shark Brittany Rose

I have spent some time today reviewing our files re Andrew Halsey.

I can confirm that the EPIRB on board Le Shark Brittany Rose is one owned by Ocean Rowing Society (and on loan to Mr. Halsey), it was made by ACR Electronics in Florida and was a replacement for the EPIRB on the first Pacific attempt.

During the last Pacific crossing of Mr. Halsey there were "inadvertent transmissions"; each time the USCG duty officer contacted different ships and each time a ship arrived at Mr. Halsey's position. 

Mr Halsey at time said that he had a faulty EPIRB and that he never "activated" any distress calls. Being as we were in contact with Mr. Halsey at the time various ships were along side him, I on each occasion asked the Captain to pass on some supplies to Mr Halsey and to allow him to proceed with his crossing (which was the stated desire of Mr. Halsey)

As the record will show after 267 days at sea Andrew activated both his EPIRB and his Argos beacon which was the agreed upon procedure, that meant he was requesting to be rescued, because he had run out of supplies. I was on the C130 that flew from Honolulu over him and I requested the Captain of the Korean fishing (through the ships agent in Honolulu) ship close to Mr. Halsey that he not only pickup Mr Halsey but if at all possible his ocearowboat as well, they met both my request.

Mr Halsey has himself decided NOT to transmit on his Argos beacon since March 17th therefore the code used to indicate a rescue is being requested (EPIRB plus Argos at the same time) is not possible at this time.

We are faced with only an EPIRB transmission from Mr Halsey this time and as we all know the EPIRB battery has life for an expected 48 hours, by the time your Cutter arrives along side Mr Halsey it will have been transmitting for more than 24 hours.

The facts are straightforward enough, Mr Halsey left with 260 days of supplies, he has been at sea for 128 days, he has at best 132 days of supplies left, he is more than 3000 miles from the closest possible landfall (Marqueses), his average daily progress toward Australia so far is 6 miles a day. It is therefore my conclusion that Mr. Halsey does not have a reasonable expectation that he can make it to the Marqueses, let alone Australia without further resupply, It is therefore my considered opinion that the best thing for Mr. Halsey 's safety is that he and if at possible his boat be picked up and returned to land as soon as possible. I have today spoken to Mr. Tobi Cohen of Le Shark casual wear (Andrews main sponsor) and he agrees with my assessment.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter

Kenneth F. Crutchlow
Executive Director 
Ocean Rowing Society

London 2nd April 2003 21:00GMT

13.12GMT Falmouth Coast Guard called to inform ORS that the EPIRB on board Le Shark Brittany Rose had been activated (ORS is listed on the EPIRB form as agency to call in event of activation).

20.52 GMT Lt. Pototschnik of the The US Coastguard telephoned ORS and said they had a C I30 aircraft flying over the last reported EPIRB position (06.09N 103.35W) and that they at first could NOT see an oceanrowboat, but toward the end of the search they spotted Andrew on board Le Shark Brittany Rose.

A United States Coast Guard cutter is proceeding to Andrew's position and is expected to arrive approx at 18:00GMT April 3rd.

As further news of Andrew becomes available we will post it on our website.

Kenneth F. Crutchlow
Executive Director

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