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Andrew's Progress Maps and Charts

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Fears grow for Pacific rower BBC News Online

many maps and charts of progress below

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April, 22, 2000: "HURRICANE HALSEY" returns... After 267 days at sea; having survived five hurricanes and living off the ocean for the last two months. Ocean rower Andrew Halsey spent a relaxing weekend in Guerneville , Ca. recuperating from his great effort to row the Pacific. He is already planning his next attempt leaving in 2001. Andrew will arrive at Heathrow airport Wed, Apr, 26.
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Tom Lynch
American Director 
Ocean Rowing Society

 Above is the latest map of his Andrew's progress. He continues to make approximately 30 miles/day progress. Depending on which direction he continues we're hoping that he will be within 2-300 miles of landfall for the re-supply by ORS director Kenneth Crutchlow. (Tom Lynch, American Director, ORS) 
Andrew's present position along with the ocean wave and currents chart at right seem to indicate that Andrew will be going West toward  Kiribati rather than South toward  Nuku Hiva. This could all change soon so we are keeping a close watch on his  progress. Check out additional maps of Andrew's position in relation to the re-suppy effort. 

Kiritimati, 695miles, 1119KM, 604NM

Sydney, 4756miles, 7655KM, 4133NM


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Mar,26--Andrew is a long way from Australia but he has now been at sea in a 27' rowboat approaching 250 days!!! Andrew has been at sea longer in a small boat second only to legendary English rower Peter Bird (304 days). He has had three false EPIRB alarms (see below); and when the ships arrive he apologizes and says, "...I'm sorry you've gone out of your way, but I'm fine..." (He did ask once for some cigarettes however leading some of us to believe he's hitting that alarm for smokes; just kidding...). Anyway we have been without communication from Andrew since early October and we are all praying for him and wish him well.



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(Oct,17..Andrew's communications are down, we are still receiving his Argos positions throughout the day)

Updates of Andrew's voyage are posted about every 7 days (...usually on sunday).


San Diego, California, US to Sydney Australia    Distance: 6524 nm (12102 km, 7503 mi)

More maps and row information below

Detailed maps and additional reports will be on this site soon...

Day262 Apr 02    N 03:30 W 147:26

previous week Andrew's daily average approximately 30 miles per day

Miles/Km rowed to date ---------------     we will update total miles soon
Miles/Km to Sydney, Au. ---------------     4756 miles (7655 km) (4133 nautical miles)
Miles/km from San Diego ---------------     2795 miles (4498 km) (2429 nautical miles)
nautical mile=1minute of latitude (1.15 statute miles or 1.853 kilometers)

click here to see previous archive of Andrew's first seven months at sea

Jan, 04, 1999--Andrew is alive and well. His Epirb went off Jan,01, AM. Our first communication and Coast Guard report follows. I have been on Holiday and will update daily progress soon. Below is also a couple maps showing his progress.

From U.S. Coast Guard            United States            Pacific Area & District 11           Command Center January 1st 2000 To  Kenneth Crutchlow Ocean Rowing Society Subject Brittany Rose-Summary of Event On 31st December, 1999 at 16.00z The US Coast Guard recieved a "split" solution 406 EPIRB activation from the Brittany Rose (initially vessel was not identified,due to foreign registered 406). RCC Falmouth and Ocean Rowing Society passed if the Britany Rose was in distress the Brittany Rose should (if possible) activate both 406 EPIRB and emergency signal of  MAR YR Service Argos beacon aboard, and since only one had been activated there was not as much concern as if two signals were activated. At 1725Z the U.S.C.G. recieved a missed pass on the EPIRD that had beed activated. At 2105Z the USCG diverted the Liberian flagged vessel ELECTRA from its transit to Chile to invesigate the last known position of the Brittany Rose. It took the ELECTRA approximately 10 hours to reach the position. The vessel searched for 3 hours  with the crew on deck in heavy rain before the vessel came upon the Brittany Rose, which did not reply to radio hails. The ship's horn was sounded and Mr Halsey woke and spoke with the ELECTRA on VHF-FM. The ELECTRA took the Brittany Rose in a long tow, provided batteries, food water, reading material,and "supplies to celebrate the New Year" ELECTRA reported that Mr Halsey had lost track of time but was in good spirits. Mr Halsey reported that he had been sick a couple of weeks but is doing fine now,he also had lost battery power; thus the missed communications. Mr Halsey wished to pass his regards to his family and the Ocean Rowing Society,  stated "regards doing well" and said "hope to see you in Australia". ELECTRA left the Brittany Rose in position 08degrees 23-20N 121degrees34-03W at approximately 1650Z on Jan. 1st. The ELECTRA passed "good luck and God Speed" message from Mr Halsey's mother. Respectfully Anneta Culver,USCG

(Oct, 04)ANDREW IS SAFE AND SOUND AFTER A FALSE EPIRB ALARM. Friday evening (Oct,1) we got word that Andrew's Epirb had gone off. Approx. 24 hours later a Nowegian ship found Andrew and asked if he needed assistance, to which Andrew replyed,"I'm terribly sorry for having delayed your journey... But I accidentally set off my Epirb...). The captain of the vessal called ORS Director Kenneth Crutchlow and said they admired Andrew's attempt to row the Pacific. He said just before they pulled away he asked Andrew if he needed anything to which Andrew responded,"...ya got any cigarettes?" They threw him down a carton. Check out some of the great press stories about Andrews errant Epirb alarm below... (click here for more info on how the Epirb works)

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