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Andreas Rommel activated EPIRB and Argos

September 3 2004
Andreas onboard  Federal Elbe is due to arrive to Port Bécancour, Quebec Canada,  Monday  Sept. 6  at 6:00 pm LT . "Lady Georgia" is also on board. See schedule for MV Federal Elbe here >>>

September 2 2004

Halifax RCC informed Andreas is safe onboard Federal Elbe, bulk carrier under Cyprus flag!!!


Here are details of rescue operation, kindly provided by Scott Elliston, crew member of the Hercules, that enable us to  "accurately depict the events involved by a multitude of rescue resources".

A Canadian Forces Hercules call sign Rescue 314 out of Greenwood, NS  stayed with Andreas the entire time.

Canadian Forces Search & Rescue Cormorant helicopter  flew over 10 hours round trip, involving 2 re-fuelings onboard the oil rig Hibernia. The Cormorant, Rescue 908 out of Gander, Newfoundland, flew out to Andreas and stayed on scene until they witnessed him climb onboard the Federal Elbe

 Within Rescue 908 were 2 Search & Rescue Technicians that were ready to deploy into the water to recover Andreas should the freighter be unable to. Rescue 908 flew to her fuel endurance, requiring a fuel stop onboard an oil rig in order to safely make land fall

Canadian Forces  Cormorant helicopter

11.00 am
A Canadian Forces Hercules call sign Rescue 314 out of Greenwood, NS  arrived on scene  and a Canadian Forces Aurora Maritime Patrol plane  responded as well. A ship 60 miles away has been diverted and now progresses with ALL HASTE to the scene.


Photo:Canadian Forces CP-140 Aurora Maritime Patrol Aircraft

9.00 am
Douarnenez France

Coast Guard Officer Wendall Sprerry of RCC Halifax has informed ORS that they have received a signal from EPIRB of Andreas Rommel. ORS has also been informed by CLS Argos that the Argos beacon on board the ocean rowboat of Andreas has been activated.

By prior arrangement with ORS when EPIRB and Argos are in emergency mode on ocean rowboat this is for sure a request for help, accordingly RCC Hailifax as of now will take the lead roll in deciding how to best meet the request from Andreas.

We will post updates as information becomes available.

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