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Andreas ROMMEL


That Others May Live

Sept 9 2004

Desert Fox's great-nephew won't give in to the sea

Sept 9 2004

Rower Coindre Nears Goal, Rommel Rescued

Sept 9 2004

Grand nephew of Desert Fox rescued from overturned rowboat in mid-Atlantic

Sept 2 2004

German safe after rowboat flips in mid-Atlantic

Sept 3 2004

UPI Breaking News

Rommel kin in rowboat saved from storm

Sept 3 2004

Great-nephew of the Desert Fox fails in ocean row attempt

Sept 3 2004


Sept 3 2004

Andreas Rommel's first word - "I can say to you Justin, there is no doubt your boat is self-righting"

Aug 15 2004

Oceanic Fox’ Rommel Begins Transatlantic Row

July 22 2004

The German Atlantic Ocean Rowing Fox

July 20 2004

Interview with German Atlantic W to E rower

April 14 2004


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