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Anders Svedlund


Tale of a witness

We are posting the letter unedited. And we withhold the name of the author, according to his request

I was 15 when I meet Anders. He was one of persons who made the strongest impression in my life. I have been sailing for many years in the South and I never understand how he did it. It's an enigma. He was intact few days after his arrival.
How is it possible ? But I'm sure that not any cargo put him in that country.

Ankerikika or Ankirikiriky
Latitude -12.4000 Longitude 49.5167 Altitude (feet) 921
Lat (DMS) 12 24' 0S Long (DMS) 49 31' 0E Altitude (meters) 280

In this map the Ankirikiriky's village is situated at the right of Ampondrahazo in the bottom of the 'V' (on the map) at an altitude of 280 meters. This Bay is situated at 50/55 km at the South-East of Diego-Suarez.
In fact I make confusion between Ampassidava and Ambolobozokely. The area bay of Anders' arrival is situated between this 2 villages : Ambolobozokely and Ampondrahazo. This Bay had a French name in the past, but I don't remember it.

In 1971 I was young and during the journey I was at school, all the day. And I remember my difficulties in this time to speak English. 35 years later I have the same problem

I do not see what I could say to you moreover concerning Anders Svedlund. What I know is it was for the first time that anybody spoke to me about Perth, desalinator and principle of its work - it is Anders Svedlund that I owe it. Just like the operation of the sextant. At that time I was too young to understand the range of such an adventure. To locate the context in 1973 there was still no television (TV) and I listened to RFI (Radio France International) the equivalent of the BBC for the news. We received 2/3 different magazines each week. The closing of Suez Canal had a little more isolated us from the metropolis. But it was marvellous time.
I think of having asked him whether he intended to write a book on his crossing. Because at the time I had already read a book which had made me dream, that of Eric Tabarly who told his victorious adventure at the time of the OSTAR of 1964. Just like I had followed his fabulous year of 1967 with PEN-Duick 3 (Fastnet, Channel Race, Sydney-Hobart...). 15 years after, at the following day of an accident I remembered that I liked the sea. And I started to make regattas...


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