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March 1, 1969


A man is attempting to row 1200 miles across the Tasman Sea to Australia in a 20-foot plastic boat. A veil of secrecy shrouds his

The man is known to be a Swede aged 40. He put out from Onehunga beach late on Wednesday. On board his frail craft he has dried
food for 40 days, plenty of water, a sextant and radio.
Word of the man's ambitious voyage was not made public at the time. A few friends knew of it but had been sworn to secrecy.
However one notified the police of the situation yesterday.
The marine Department has issued a warning to ships asking them to keep watch for the tiny craft.
Largely Enclosed
Capt. H. Boyack, of the Marine Department in Wellington, said last night the man's boat was a 20-foot plastic craft largely enclosed
and claimed to be self-righting.
When the man left Onehunga he was on a course of 260 degrees from the port. He sits in the middle of the boat and rows.
Capt. Boyack said the man practised for the venture by rowing around Walheke Island some time ago.
As far as he knew the lone rower was not required to obtain any special permission from Marine Department.
A small boat - thought to have been the one the man is sailing in - was seen at Onehunga beach by a police patrol on Wednesday
evening. It was surrounded by a crowd of people but it was not until word of the voyage was received much later that it was surmised
that they were well-wishers wishing the rower bon voyage.
The police yesterday asked the Manukau Heads signalman to keep an eye out of for the rower. The signalman said last night he had
made no sighting.
One Manukau fisherman told the Herald he knew of the voyage.
" He has all provisions for three month at sea and he has a radio on board", the fisherman said. "H set off from Onehunga beach at 7
p.m. on Wednesday to row to Australia".
It is understood the man arrived to New Zealand recently from Pacific Islands in a yacht.


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