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"We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. T.S.Eliot

Home-Ocean Rowing Society page for Tori's row.

Sector No Limits American Pearl- Home page for Tori's team in Louisville, Ky.
Fact Sheet-A brief overview of Tori Murden’s attempt to become the first American and first woman to row solo across the North Atlantic Ocean.
Rower Victoria MurdenA profile of Victoria Murden.
First American, First Woman to Row an Ocean Solo-A detailed review of the voyage.
SECTOR NO LIMITS American Pearl -The rowboat’s history, design and specifications.
Route Map-Visual overview of Tori’s route across the Atlantic
The Watch-To understand Sector is to experience NO LIMITS
NoLimitsWear-Technical gear designed specifically for No Limits Team Athletes
What’s on Board- Equipment, food, clothing and even  "luxuries".
Victoria Murden A look at the woman who embodies No Limits.

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Technical Support
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What’s on Board

The SECTOR NO LIMITS American Pearl weighs 1,500 pounds fully loaded. Tori, her equipment and supplies comprise about 700 pounds of the total weight. Food and water for the 100 to 120 day voyage may sound like a lot, but it must all fit into the 20 water tight compartments on board. The safety, navigational and rowing equipment, food, and clothing are critical to Tori’s success, but she’s managed to find a little extra room for a "luxury" or two.


Ballast Tanks


Bilge Pump


Boarding Ladder

Bungy Cords

Cabin Ventilator (Solar Powered Fan)

Camera Gear

Deck Compress

Duct Tape

Emergency Handpump



Fiberglass Repair Kit

First Aid Kit



GPS Main and Back-up

Lash Straps

Life Raft

Life Vest with Harness


Navigational Charts

Note Books, Pens

Oar Masters

Three pairs of Oars

Parachute Chord

Personal Items

Classical music tapes

"100 Greatest Books" on tape

Zinc Oxide

4 Containers lip balm

Cat Crap (Sunglasses defogger)

Hand Cream

Water resistant CD player

Water resistant walkman

Wet ones & butt balm

Six bottles of sun block


Kitchen Utensils  

Stove and Back-up stove

Bowl, Cup, Knife, Spoon

Deep Cooking Pot

Tea Kettle

Water Bottles

Water Maker


1,200 Energy Food Bars

98 Dinners

98 Breakfasts

98 Snacks and Desserts

44 Boxes of Crackers

240 Packets of Powdered Cocoa

160 Packets of Dried Milk

12 Cans of Powder Drinks

4 Boxes of Alacer Emergencee

28 Bags of Herb Tea

16 Packets of Protein Shakes

48 Packets of Soup Mix

7 Jars of Peanut Butter

14 Cans of Tuna

Vitamins and Supplements               

2 Bottles of Elderberry, Echnicea & Goldenseal

6 Bottles of Vegetable Aminos

2 Bottles Vitamins

3 Bottles of Ultra-juice

1 Bottle of Ginger Trip

2 Bottles of Multi Minerals

1 Bottle of Rescue Remedy

1 Bottle of Arnica Montana

1 Bottle of Vitamin E



Aqua Sock

Fleece Jacket & Vest

Gloves, fingerless and fingered

Gortex Jacket & Pants

Long Sleeve Synthetic Tops

Neoprene Boots

Pile Booties

Rain Hat

Seal Skin Sock

Heavy Socks

Light Socks

Sun Cap

Sun Protection Shirt

Sun Protection trousers

Synthetic tights

Track Shoes (on foot stretchers)