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"We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. T.S.Eliot

Home-Ocean Rowing Society page for Tori's row.

Sector No Limits American Pearl- Home page for Tori's team in Louisville, Ky.
Fact Sheet-A brief overview of Tori Murden’s attempt to become the first American and first woman to row solo across the North Atlantic Ocean.
Rower Victoria MurdenA profile of Victoria Murden.
First American, First Woman to Row an Ocean Solo-A detailed review of the voyage.
SECTOR NO LIMITS American Pearl -The rowboat’s history, design and specifications.
Route Map-Visual overview of Tori’s route across the Atlantic
The Watch-To understand Sector is to experience NO LIMITS
NoLimitsWear-Technical gear designed specifically for No Limits Team Athletes
What’s on Board- Equipment, food, clothing and even  "luxuries".
Victoria Murden A look at the woman who embodies No Limits.

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Technical Support
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Sector No Limits

Enabling the Courageous to Excel

At the heart of Sector Sport Watches, a leading designer and manufacturer of premium sport watches, lies an extraordinary philosophy called No Limits -- a unique approach to life that Sector promotes and celebrates.

The drive to overcome one’s physical, mental and spiritual limits is an internal attitude that transcends global borders. No Limits is a way of life and force of empowerment within us all. When adopted it tests our personal boundaries and opens the door to new levels of achievement in all aspects of life.

The promotion of No Limits is Sector Sport Watches’ mission – the driving force behind every company endeavor. As part of the No Limits concept, Sector sponsors a team of extreme athletes and has created a line of high-performance athletic gear, a magazine, television program and network of extreme sports centers around the world. For Sector Sport Watches, No Limits is much more than a modern marketing concept, it is a way of life.

Since 1989, Sector has committed resources to fully supporting the endeavors of athletes from a variety of extreme disciplines in sport – thus creating The Sector No Limits Team, an international group of more than 20 men and women, comprised of athletes who continue to redefine the limits of human potential. No Limits Team members engage in extraordinary events throughout the year, in the most extreme circumstances, all over the world. Possessing the courage and the will to cross new frontiers, these exceptional men and women embody the purest expression of the No Limits philosophy.

Sector is dedicated to each athlete and each No Limits extreme endeavor from conception to completion. The company provides event development and preparation, logistics support, public relations and marketing.

With each adventure, Sector athletes pit physical and mental determination against the elements to achieve a predetermined goal. In September 1997, expert diver Umberto Pellizzari set the world record in unassisted diving, reaching incredible ocean depths on a single breath. In February 1997, Norwegian explorer BÝrge Ousland, became the first human to cross the Antarctic alone, covering 1,764 miles on foot in 64 days. And in 1991, French seaman Gerard d’Aboville completed an astounding solo row across the Pacific Ocean, defying nature and his own endurance in a voyage from Japan to North America’s West Coast.

American rower Tori Murden – who will row across the North Atlantic Ocean alone and unsupported in the summer of 1998 – faces a similar challenge. As Tori prepares for a 100 day journey on unpredictable open seas, Sector Sport Watches has the honor of participating in this outstanding episode in the history of human endeavor.

These and other extreme endeavors carried out by Sector No Limits Team members serve as the real world laboratories in which Sector Sport Watches are tested to the limit. Sector continuously improves its product line based on performance feedback from Sector No Limits Team Members. Most importantly, the Team dramatically communicates Sector’s No Limits ideal, proving to all that the impossible is attainable.

Tori Murden and the Sector 450 Lady Chronograph Watch: Together on an Extraordinary Adventure

Tori Murden will wear the Sector Lady Chronograph – the first full chronograph to fit a woman’s wrist – during her 3,600-mile crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Sector 450 Lady Chronograph is built to withstand the rigors of the extreme endeavor – constructed of highest quality materials, it features a tough, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a screw-down crown, and double-locking clasp and extender.

The 450 Lady Chronograph has Swiss movement and is water resistant to 660 feet. The watch is equipped with a unidirectional rotating steel bezel and a luminous face for low light conditions. It has a 30 minute quartz chronograph, with counters for minutes, seconds and 1/10 of a second. The watch displays interim added and total times.

Stringent quality control procedures guarantee the absolute reliability and accuracy of the 450 Lady Chronograph. Sector technicians use "accelerated aging" tests to determine the effective durability of the materials, the performance of the movement, and the resistance to shock, sudden temperature changes and water resistance.

During the four-month crossing, Tori must rely only on herself, her rowboat – SECTOR NO LIMITS American Pearl – and her equipment. Because of its unsurpassed technical credentials and outstanding reliability, Tori has chosen Sector’s 450 Lady Chronograph.