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"We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. T.S.Eliot

The Sector American Pearl has been rescued at sea!!!
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The Sector American Pearl has been rescued at sea.

Kathy Burr telephoned me shortly after 6:00 AM this morning to report that
the American Pearl had been found. She gave me the number for the Coast
Guard Center in Portsmouth, Virginia. I spoke with Petty Officer Drew Leaon
who reported that an American motor vessel the SV Mediterranean was along
side the American Pearl and that they were attempting to salvage the boat.

I was able to telephone the SV Mediterranean and spoke with the Captain. He
asked if there were any hoist cleats on the boat. I said that there were
not. "How'd you get it into the water?" "We backed it off a trailer."
This answer brought a distinct chuckle from the other end of the phone. I
said that the only way we had ever lifted the boat was with straps running
under the hull.

The Captain explained that a few members of his crew were working on the
American Pearl and that if they could not bring it aboard the Mediterranean
that they would collect as much of my gear as possible. I asked that they
not put anyone at risk in their effort to save the boat and recommended that
if they attempted to lift the boat that they drain the two ballast tanks
under the rowing deck. The Captain took my telephone number and said he
would call to let me know what they decided.

A few minutes ago, the Captain telephoned to let me know that they had the
American Pearl on board. I spoke with both the Captain and the Chief Mate.
The SV Mediterranean is an American Tanker. They picked up the American
Pearl forty miles off the coast of Portugal. The SV Mediterranean is bound
for LaHarve France and should arrive on the 29th or 30th of November. While
I am happy to know that the American Pearl will indeed reach France, the
news brings a twinge of sadness the Pearl did not arrive in September with
me at the oars.


Here is a picture of your vessel "American Pearl" and a list of things that
we were able to salvage. Needless to say we were greatly relieved to find
that you were no longer aboard!

Within 3 hours of sighting your boat we had her on board and safely stowed.

We are in touch with our agent in Le Havre and will be receiving
in due course as to how to handle the administrative side of landing the
boat in France. Our agent in Le Havre is "Feron de Clebsattel". Here is
his phone/fax, etc. :

B. P. 119


PHONE: (33) 2 35 25 57 28

F A X: (33) 2 35 53 05 84

TELEX: (42) 770143 OR 190302

(Tori, please note that while we can send attached files(pictures) to you,
it is best that you don't send them to us. We communicate via satellite
which is slow and expensive).

Best Regards from the crew of the S/R Mediterranean
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Inventory of Salvaged Vessel
Taken Aboard SR Mediterranean 27 November 1998

(1) 24-foot Ocean Rowboat
(1) Power Converter
(1) Plug-In White Light
(2) Waterproof Video Camera Housing
(1) Blue Tarp
(1) Duffel Bag - Black and Purple
(1) Bird Identification Book
(1) Netting Bag - Blue
(1) Towline Package - Blue
(1) Netting Bag - Black
(9) Propane Canisters
(4) Hand Flares
(1) Parachute Flare
(1) Radio - Wrapped in Duct Tape
(1) Tackle Box Containing Assorted Tools
(1) Digital Camera
(1) Bag of Tools - Blue
(1) Bag of Tools - Black
(1) Handheld VHF
(1) Lithium Battery and Charger
(1) Box of Assorted Fuses
(1) Flute
(1) Signed Bat (rugby?)
(1) Plastic Bag of Film Canisters
(1) Handheld Electric Wind Gauge
(1) Bag of Medical Supplies - Blue
(1) Sewing Kit
(1) Bag of Personal Hygiene Products
(1) Canister of Charts - Black
(1) Waterproof Box of Books
(4) Waterproof Boxes of Music Tapes
(1) Stopwatch
(4) Bags of Assorted Foul Weather Gear
(1) Bag of Undergarments - Green
(1) Bag of Flashlights
(1) Sea Anchor - Yellow
(1) Netting Bag - White with Red Trim
(1) Sleeping Bag - Green
(1) Bag Containing Compass, Camera, Flashlight, Handheld GPS - White
(1) Bag of Tools - Green
(1) Propane Stove
(1) Snorkel
(2) EPIRB's

Inventory of Salvaged Vessel
Taken Aboard SR Mediterranean 27 November 1998

(1) Software Registration
(1) Columbus Postcard
(1) Stopwatch Owner's Manual
(1) Marine Conditions and Valuation Survey
(1) Personal Photo
(1) FCC Radio Station License - Call Sign WCX7951 - To Victoria Murden (1)
Computer Manual (1) Bag of Technical Manuals - Blue (12) Assorted Computer
Disks (1) Celular Telephone Assorted Music Discs $300 U.S. Travelers Checks
$1 US Bill

Note: All food items, assorted medications, and spirits recovered were
subsequently discharged overboard.