The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


Alex Bellini (Italy)

  Born: September 15, 1978;
Has a sister one year younger;
since 1999 when his mother died, lives with his father, who is fond of desert motorcycle rally
Profession: photographer free-lance;
Since he was young he felt an unconscious attraction for adventures, but it took several years before he became able to recognize where this call came from and, above all, where it would bring him to.

In May 2000 took part at CAMEL TROPHY national selection;
In November 2000 run the NEW YORK CITY MARATHON in 3h 20 min;
In April 2001 went to Morocco to run MARATHON DES SABLES: a 150 miles self supported foot race in the middle of Sahara desert in 39 hours;

In February 2002 went to Alaska to run ALASKA ULTRASPORT "EXTREME": a 370 miles foot race complitely self supported, carrying on a fiber glass sled full of equipement and food trough one of the coldest zone of the earth. Came to be the only Italian racer at the finish line after 9 day;
In February 2003 went back to Alaska to run ALASKA ULTRASPORT "IMPOSSIBLE": 850 miles by foot self supported. Done in 27 days at 3rd place.

Willing, self-confident and sure about what he's going to do, he will be the first Italian rower to attempt and hopefully to cross an ocean.

No considerable sea experience, but learned that human resources can bring people furhter than objective ability does.