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A brief report of what  happened to me in Formentera


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Basically I had a shipwreck because of the strong onshore wind and big waves that had pushed me against the rocks.

The night before, at 11pm I was between Ibiza and Formentera and even though it was raining and stormy I was rowing very well. I should pass trough a 6 miles channel that separates the 2 islands. Not so easy to do in the night time but strong NE winds were pushing me straight into it.
At 12am wind direction changed from NE to N and with the new weather condition it became impossible to row so I decided to pull out my para anchor to slow down my speed and wait in the cabin for for weather to change .
When, at 7am the sun raised again, because of my GPS was gone (I had a total black out at the solar pannel for the last 15 days. No sun enough to recharge the battery. During the training section in summer I never had such a problem. On my row I had just 3 sunny days out of 23 days of crossing) I didn't know where I was. I could see however, dryland on my left and on my right getting closer and closer, so I started to look for the channel to cross, but when I realized that there were no channel around me (I was in Formentera: too much south), I already was in a kind of big gulf out of which I couldn't escape. Winds and waves in 2 hours made the rest!
I tried to do EVERYTHING possible.... but it has been not enough. THAT'S IT.

As you can see on the pics in the photo gallery, nothing has been rescued but "two" little things and me along with my health, of course!!

Alex Bellini


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