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Rowing from Australia to Reunion Island

Two British adventures aim to break 1971 record

Perth, Australia (UW) - The Australian charity Sport Aiding Medical Research for Kids has announced that two Britons are planning to row 6,400 kilometers from Western Australia to Reunion Island to raise funds for the charity. 

The children's charity, known as "Sparks," announced Monday that Mike Noel-Smith and Rob Abernethy would try to make the trip across the Indian Ocean in 50 days. The men are hoping to beat the 64-day record for the marathon journey set by Sweden's Anders Svedlund in 1971. Noel-Smith and Abernethy are ex-British Army soldiers who were experts in motivational training. 

Their bid for the record comes one year after Englishmen Simon Chalk and Bill Greaves made an attempt on Svedlund's record. Their attempt ended in near-tragedy after only days, when rescuers plucked them from the water after their boat hit a whale and sank.