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Alphabetical list of Oceanrowers    
Holders of World Record (Atlantic E-W Trades I) ORS Archive (1997 - 2016)
List of ocean rowing records
submitted to GWR (2014)
Archive of the Related Press Articles (1970 - 2008)
Blue Riband Trophy  


    ORS Photo album 
Guidelines for Ocean Rowing Speed Record
of crossing the Atlantic East to West
Speed record for "Pairs" on the Atlantic E-W  "Trade Winds I"    
Ocean Rowing Guidelines Rowboats and equipment for RENT/SALE
There are new prices for Urgent Sale.
Ocean Rowing Statistics     Ocean rows    Ocean rowers   Ocean rowboats Useful information
Logs and stories by/about oceanrowers History of Ocean Rowing   from Phoenicians and Greeks to the turn of the 3rd millennium
John Fairfax

Tips for an oceanrower
Video Resources for ocean rowers
a list of useful links of resources for race and independent rowers
Books and DVD's AdventureStats.com...''To guarantee progress, it's important to learn from and celebrate true achievement. This is made possible by keeping a clear record of by whom, when and how the feats were made''...
    Definition of Circumnavigation
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